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 Live, Learn and Love our fellowman in the pursuit of all that is good for all mankind and embodies the principle of the Golden Rule. 

SOF – “Society of Friends” Movement (SOFtt.org)

The Society of Friends (SOF) Movement was established in September of 2011 in Trinidad & Tobago, by a group of individuals with a shared interest in the philosophy, belief and lifestyle choices emulated by like-minded individuals worldwide and commonly referred to as “Quakers”.

Quakers are a global community of people who are diverse in every way, including what they believe and practice.  Quakers or “Friends” come from diverse religious backgrounds or up-bringing and find a home in the beliefs and philosophy of our community.

The SOF Movement continues its deliberate works towards developing and implementing projects and engaging activities that seek to enhance the life-paths, life-skills and life-styles of youths and communities, in keeping with the objects and philosophies of the Society of Friends (Quakers) worldwide.

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Simply join, select or introduce a Cause in keeping with the values of the SOF Movement Philosophy and get involved.

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We keep community works, contributions, donations, interests and involvement confidential and as respectfully requested.

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Works and contributions are accepted with utmost discretion, confidentiality, respect and security.

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We respect your individuality, purpose and true to heart community with the SOF Movement Philosophy.

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